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Tote Bags – Plain tote bags and cotton totes, all sorts of cheap totes for custom branding and printing

You can see why a custom printed tote bag is so popular they are a useful and handy promotional product that can be reused over and over again.

Publicity Promotional products offer a sophisticated range of tote bags for any type of business looking to print or embroider their logo. If you are looking for a beach tote bag, conference tote bag, recycled tote bag, cheap tote bag, or just a great gift idea a custom branded tote bag is the perfect option.

Have your brand name printed on a tote bag today!

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With Branding From -Call for Price
With Branding From -$5.74 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$2.81 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$11.86 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$9.18 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$1.74 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$1.74 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$27.73 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$5.25 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$4.18 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$1.58 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$1.62 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$1.40 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$14.83 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$10.62 Each ex. gst
With Branding From -$6.44 Each ex. gst

Frequently Asked Questions

When arranging a conference, exhibiting at a trade show, or your business requires a large quantity or small order of tote bags printed with your corporate logo you may have some questions, here is a some common questions.

Yes, Publicity Promotional Products supplies custom printed tote bags.

All sorts of tote bags are available in a range materials, sizes and styles.

Yes we do, bags such as the Avenue Elite Tote Bag have a zippers and pocket.

There is many more tote bags with zippers and pockets in our range to explore.

Promotional Devon Tote Bag is another popular tote bag with extra features.
If you are seeking an extra large tote the Bali tote bag is a great option for a bag with large capacity.

Below are some great tote bags options that can be printed with your logo at affordable prices. These 20 tote bags the ideal bags for bulk supplied bags small or large volume orders -

Top twenty popular tote bags for printing

1. Black Thick Canvas Tote Bag

Yes, tote bags can be printed fast.

Printing and branding bags quickly will add cost for a fast turnaround, but we can help you.

Tote bags beginning with SKU number DC can be printed within 24 hours from artwork approval (subject to jobs on at present time).

We also have printing services available for 3 Day printing and 7 day printing.

Branding is limited to one colour prints for fast turnarounds. If you have full colour artwork, we will require at least 7 working days from artwork approval.

Please also consider there is additional time required to freight the bags to your delivery location.

It is best to talk with us urgently if you require bags delivered fast.

Deluxe and premium tote bags options with custom logo start from as low as 10-25 pieces.

Cheap, non woven and cotton tote bags orders start from 100+ bags with custom printing.

Non woven tote bags are the cheapest option for custom printed tote bags with a logo.

Printing your logo in 1 colour on the bag will be the cheapest option for a custom branded bag with logo.

Another option to consider is paper bags for cheap bags options.

Our recommendation for a cheap printed tote bag would be the 5 following bags;

1. Avanti Tote Bag

2. Non Woven Small Shopper

3. Gift Tote Bag

4. Delta Tote Bag

5. Coloured Calico Bag no Gusset


GMS stands for Grams per square metre. GSM is the density or weight of the fabric in which the bag is made of.

80 GSM for example, is a thin material used to make our range of for a non woven fabric tote bags,

100 - 140 GSM are usually of cotton based origin bags, but can also be a canvas, bamboo, calico, or felt tote bag.

320 GSM or 600 GSM are usually a denier Nylon fabric that tends to be used in our various range of deluxe tote bag options.

Our range of coloured tote bags and natural raw fabric tote bags:

    • Black
    • White
    • Grey
    • Blue
    • Navy
    • Royal Blue 
    • Light Blue
    • Cyan
    • Teal
    • Bottle Green
    • Lime Green
    • Dark Green
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Purple
    • Natural
    • Brown
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Clear ( Transparent)

If you cannot find a colour you need we can help. Enquire today of large orders made in a custom colour.

If you can't find the right colour for your brand, we can help.

Custom make a tote bag that is in the colour from your brand guide.
Orders for bags in custom PMS colour start from 5,000- 10,000 + pieces. 


Standard delivery times can vary depending on which bag option your are ordering.

In stock bags delivered within 2-3 weeks from artwork approval and payment of order.

European bags delivered within 3-5 weeks from artwork approval and payment.

Delivery for custom made orders requires between 6-20 weeks from artwork approval and payment of order.

For more details about lead times for a certain bags please contact us today, we will promptly reply. 

Yes you can, we have a range of tote bags available in Australia from local fabric suppliers

We can also source direct from factory's overseas so the customer gets the best deals available from us.

Australian made cotton bags for the people that like to support Australian made products are available, please consider Australian made items are more costly to make than our china made products.

You as the customer can create the perfect custom tote bag from the length of the strap, type and colour of material its made from.

You can choose to add a gusset or pocket or even add a zipper or velcro tab to keep its contents secure.

You can choose to Screen Print,Transfer print in Full Colour, Embroider your logo or apply a 3D transfer or patch.

The imagination is the limit with creating a custom made tote bags.

It is best to contact us at Publicity Promotional Products for any enquires regarding custom made bags products 0450 587 052

We can answer any questions you might have, and look forward tp helping you!

Being such a universal item there is huge appeal to everyone for Tote Bags.

People use them for shopping, giveaways for brand awareness, Conferences, Children’s library bags, Trade shows. Carrying day to day items, sporting events, Concerts and the list goes on!

There is a tote bag for every use, they come in big, small, cooling and warming, heavy duty and nice light weight versions.

Do you need a pocket? No problem we can do that!

What about a zipper so the contents are secure? Sure, no issues we can do that too!

Tote bags come in just about every colour under the sun, so there is always ways to match the style of your brand.

We can even custom make them for you so you are sure to get the tote bag that suits your needs.

Call us today on 0450 587 052 if you would like help in selecting the perfect tote bag.

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