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Promotional products made from bamboo

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Bamboo Corporate Gifts

New eco product range to custom brand the environmental way. Shop from drink bottles, kitchen ware, bathroom products, photo frames, cheese boards, keyrings and so much more. Ideal eco gifts for corporate business and marketing your brand from the sustainable, environmental impact, and conscious Promotional Products range.

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Bamboo Wireless Charging Clock

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Sustainable Drink Bottles 

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Cheap Cheese Boards

Bamboo Cheese boards & Serving Boards

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Bamboo Range

Bamboo Pizza Cutter

With Branding From -$3.24 Each ex. gst
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Bamboo Range

Bamboo Wine Rack

With Branding From -$29.00 Each ex. gst
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Bamboo Range


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Bamboo Range


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Bamboo Range


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Bamboo Range

Karvo Ecco Kuppa

With Branding From -$3.78 Each ex. gst
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Bamboo Range

Bamboo Phone Holder

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Bamboo Coaster Sets

Customised gifts great for conference and promotions and incentives 

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Great Gifts Made of Bamboo

Beverage, and drink ware gifts

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All Time Favourite

Custom branded house shaped keyrings now made from bamboo.

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Bamboo promotional products

What types of promotional products are made from bamboo?

There is a substantial range of Promotional Products made from bamboo. Leisure items made from bamboo include cheeseboards, serving boards, bags, coasters, Barware, and bottle openers, calendars, lunchboxes, candles, lamps, notebooks, wireless charges and devices, kitchenware such as pizza cutters and spoons, tape measure and scales, chopsticks, cutlery sets, barbecue sets, speakers, and wine accessories travel mugs and ceramic mugs, headphones and earbuds, drinking straws, coffee and tea sets, pet related gifts along with a range of technology and audio gifts such as USB flash drives, charging cables and computer & phone accessories. The bamboo product range is forever expanding due to its high sustainability resources and access for recycled and low environmental impact.

Are bamboo products good for the environment?

There are many positive benefits for the environment using this incredible fast growing bamboo wood. Bamboo is a fast growing plant that absorbs and stores carbon dioxide making this plant a great reason to create reusable products from.

What is the future of bamboo products?

Research and data investigated is showing substantial growth and interest for the market of Products made from bamboo. The estimated US value is looking to be over $12 billion by the end of year 2030. With the interest in reusable and recyclable products bamboo is one of those main contenders for materials and substrates that will be easily available to provide a range of products for every day use. Looks like there is no turning back from bamboo products now.

How bamboo products can help our daily lives?

This resourceful plant from the subtropical climates of Asia has had many useful impacts across a range of products created and used from bamboo. Textiles such as clothing and bags medical products and homewares such as cheeseboards, drink bottles and mugs products, cutlery and kitchenware products or electronics such as wireless chargers, headphones and speakers are great products in our range that are helpful for everyday life, that is why bamboo products are a great item for displaying your brand or logo. 

Are bamboo products sustainable for the environment?

Using a product like bamboo is sustainable for the environment the fast growing lightweight plant is a great resource that will reduce carbon dioxide up to twice the amount of a standard tree. 

What is the advantage of using bamboo products?

Bamboo is a biodegradable material that breaks down naturally over time. Bamboo also has natural antibacterial benefits, and is chemical free. Bamboo requires little water to produce the material and requires no fertilisers or pesticides to grow this tremendously useful plant. 

What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a plant that is formally known as part of the grass plant family Bambusoideae (poaceae). 

What type of bamboo products are available for printing a custom logo?

Publicity Promotional Products sells a range of bamboo and bamboo plant fibre gifts. Some of the popular items available in office and stationary range Bamboo note books with custom logo, Sticky note pads and conference items for promotional giveaways. Drink-ware products made from bamboo are very popular this range includes mugs, drink bottles, straws and cutlery sets wine and barware accessories. Home and living products are also available our range of cheap cheeseboards with custom logo, coffee and tea sets and kitchen items such as spatulas and serving ware. Technology gifts are another popular gift for customising wireless chargers and desk organisers, USB‘s and flash drives are all available in the bamboo product range. Contact us today to find out more about bamboo products. Our bamboo range just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

What branding options are available for customising bamboo products?

The best option to brand bamboo promotional products is with a print or a laser engraved logo. Publicity Promotional Products can help with the branding of your bamboo gifts contact us today to find out more. 

What are bamboo fibre Promotional Products?

Bamboo fibre products in our range of Promotional Products consists of a blended bamboo fibre and cornstarch with a Hardener such as Melamine. A good example of a plant fibre Promotional Products is a travel mug like the Bamboo Ecco Kuppa 8oz

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